Cesarka Golden Retrievers

Puppy Photos
Please scroll down page to see all photos, as these will be entered in week by week as the puppies grow.
Week 6 to 7


Standing the pups at 6 weeks of age




Week 5 to 6

 Videos of the pups standing on the table

Click for videos of puppies standing on the table


Video clips of Skye's 2nd litter at nearly 6 weeks of age


Photos out in the conservatory with pups




Us trying to stand the puppies at 5 weeks of age.


Weeks 4 to 5




Week 3 - 4

More photos will be added to this album during the week
Week 2 -3


 Puppies First Feeding Time


Week 1-2



Sleeping and feeding puppies at 9 days of age


Skye's puppies at 13 days

 Puppy photos Birth to 1 week
3 day old Feeding and Sleepy Pups